Sunday, September 6, 2037

Tribes Ascend Hack

Aimjunkies Tribes Ascend Hack

Aimjunkies has released a new and full Tribes Ascend Multi Hack and Cheat!


Game Engine:
  - Unreal Engine

Game Version:
  - Latest Version

  - Undetected

  - System Files

Operating Systems:

  - 10.95$ USD for a Month


        - Aimbot:
- Auto Aim
- Auto Fire
- Fire Delay
- Smooth Aim
- Limit Angle
- Use Aim Key
- Ping Prediction
- FPS Prediction
- Bullet Speed Prediction
- Prediction Scale
- Visibility Check
- Aim Style (FOV, Distance, First in list, Health)
- Aim Bone (Bone Scan, Head, Chest)
- Aim on Friendly
- Aim on Enemy
- Aim on Vehicle
- Max Distance
- Hard Lock
- Draw Locked
        - Trigger Bot

3D Radar:

  • Bounding Box
  • Lines
  • Name ESP
  • Distance ESP
  • Grenade ESP
  • Friendlies
  • Enemies
  • Vehicles
2D Radar:
  • Radar
  • Cross
  • Window
  • Dot
  • Friendlies
  • Enemies
  • Window Size
  • Warning System
  • Save/Load Settings
  • Custom Keys
  • Menu Positions
  • Crosshair
  • Time
  • FPS
  • Panic Key
  • Watermark
  • Fully Anti-Cheat Undetected
  • Protected Hack Streaming Client


Remember to check our forums for more updates, sales and specials!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Aimjunkies ARK: Survival Evolved Hack

     My sincerest apologies for such a long hiatus in news and posting for Aimjunkies! Rest assured, however, I come baring gifts! Aimjunkies is gearing up for a long awaited addition of a new hack into our library. We are pleased to announce an ARK: Survival Evolved hack just for you! This hack will be loaded, ready-to-go to help you (in)dominate the playing island with our feature-rich, VIP cheat. Special features will include a monster and player ESP, allowing you to see where the enemies (or friends) are, even half-way across the island! We will be including an item ESP as well, to help you get the materials you need as fast as possible.

     This is all I have for you today. Remember to visit for more news, information, undetected cheats and awesome deals! For a full list of currently planned features, please reference the list below.

Game Engine:
- Unreal Engine 4
Game Version:
- Latest Version
- Pending Release

Operating systems:
Windows 8.1
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP

- 1 month $14.95 USD

Features: -- Subject to change
- Configurable Player ESP Range
- Player Tags (Name, Health, Distance, Level, Gender)
- Show Tribe
- Show Sleeping
- Configurable Trbe Color
- Configurable Sleeping Color
- Configurable Color
- Configurable Dino ESP Range
- Dino Tags (Type, Nickname, Level, Distance)
- Show Tamed
- Show Friendly
- Show Wild
- Configurable Wild Color
- Configurable Tamed Color
- Configurable Friendly Color
- Show Underwater Dinos
- Show Underground Dinos
- Item ESP
- Configurable Item ESP Range
- Configurable Item Color
- Black Bordered Font

Friday, April 17, 2015

Aimjunkies Reign of Kings Hack

Aimjunkies is proud to release a brand-new piece of software developed specifically for the new Early Access game: Reign of Kings hack. The game might be in early access, but our hack is not. Our Reign of Kings cheat comes fully loaded with features that will put you on top of all servers within seconds. As well as the obvious features, like an Aimbot and ESP/Visual Features, our Reign of Kings hack will feature multiple server-breaking hacks. These features are like broadcasting server messages, spawning items, killing people and more! 

For a full list of features for our Reign of Kings hack, please reference the list below, or join us on our Home site, at


Game Engine:
- Unity
Game Version:
- Latest Version
- Click here

Operating systems:

We support all new Windows operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

- $12.95

-Auto Aim
-Aim FoV
-Mass kill
-Instantly kill target

-Player ESP
-Animal ESP

-Broadcast server message
-Spawn all items in game
-Spawn items
-Fly hack
-No clip
-Fly speed
-Light source
-Name Changer


Screenshots will be coming soon!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Aimjunkies Aftermath Hack

Hello fellow hackers! Aimjunkies has just released a brand new hack for the game Aftermath. Our Aftermath hack has been coded by Sycore, just as with our Infestation cheat. This hack comes loaded with features, including our very own Aftermath aimbot. For a complete look at our Aftermath cheat features, consult the list below.


Game Version:
- Latest Version
- Undetected
- Syc0re

Operating systems:

  Our Aftermath Hack fully supports all windows systems from Widows XP to Windows 8.1.





- Rage Aimbot
- Legit Aimbot
- Zombie Aimbot
- Nospread
- Norecoil
- Instant hit
- No Bullet Drop
- Zombie Aim key
- Player Aim key
- Unlimited Sniper Breath


- Name Esp
- Distance Esp
- Box Esp
- Health Esp
- Bone Esp
- Head Esp
- Dead Esp
- Zombie Esp
- Zombie Box Esp
- Zombie Distance Esp
- Snaplines
- Weapon Esp
- Backpack Esp
- Item Esp
- Vehicle Esp
- Trap Esp
- Adjustable Player Esp Distance
- Adjustable Zombie Esp Distance
- Adjustable Item Esp Distance


- Crosshair
- Unlimited Sprint
- Player Warning
- Zombie Warning
- No Fall Damage
- Force Headshot
- Anti-Death
- Super Jump
- Birds Eye View
- Fast Pickup
- Shoot in safezone
- Fast Melee

Settings Tab:

- Save Settings
- Load Settings
- Select Aim key
- Select Zombie Aim key

Anti cheat:

- Fairfight

- Custom Built in anticheat

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Aimjunkies Fistul of Frags Hack

Aimjunkies is proud to release our Fistful of Frags hack, a brand new cheat now for sale. Our Fistful of Frags aimbot will boost you to the top of the leaderboards. Coded by SystemFiles, our VAC Undetected Aimbot is available now.


Game Engine:
- Source Engine
Game Version:
- Lastest Version
- Click Here
- Sycore

Operating systems:


- 1 month $8.95 USD


- Aim Point
- Aim Key
- Adjustable Aim Speed
- Auto Shoot
- Aim FoV

- ESP Box
- ESP name
- ESP Distance
- ESP Health
- ESP SnapLines
- Wallhack
- ESP Explosive
- ESP Bones
- Grenade Tracers
- ESP Weapon
- Chams

- CrossHair
- Enemy Warning
- 2D Radar
- Auto Pistol
- WireFrame

- Save settings


- VAC3 Undetected

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Aimjunkies Day of Defeat Source Hack

Aimjunkies is back to the classics with an all-new Day of Defeat Source Hack! Coded by SystemFiles, the hack brings you all the features you would expect to dominate a server. Featuring SystemFiles unique 3D ESP and Wallhack, a 2D Radar and fully VAC3 Undetected, you are guaranteed to top the server. Our Day of Defeat Source Aimbot will keep you winning and keep your opponents losing.


Game Engine:
- Source Engine
Game Version:
- Latest Version
- Click Here
- SystemFiles

Operating systems:

All Windows Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1


- 1 month $7.95 USD

Hack Features:

3D Radar:

- Bounding Box (None, 2D, 3D)
- Box Size
- 2D Line
- Player Name ESP
- Player Distance ESP
- Player Health ESP
- Head Dot
- Dot Size
- Aim Laser
- Laser Size
- Grenade ESP
- Show Friendly
- Show Enemy
- Max Distance


- Customizable Enemy Invisible RGBA Color
- Customizable Enemy Visible RGBA Color
- Customizable Friendly Invisible RGBA Color
- Customizable Friendly Visible RGBA Color
- Customizable Grenade RGBA Color
- Customizable Crosshair RGBA Color
- Customizable Menu RGBA Color
- Customizable Is Aiming At You RGBA Color
- Customizable Can See You RGBA Color
- Customizable Is Visible RGBA Color

2D Radar:

- Show Radar
- Show Cross
- Show Window
- Show Dot
- Show FOV
- Show Friendly
- Show Enemy
- Stick To Window
- Radar Scale
- Window Size
- Cross Size
- Dot Size


- Warning System
- Aiming At You Angle
- Can See You Angle
- Max Distance
- Beep System
- Max Distance


- Crosshair (None, Cross, Dot, T-Cross)
- Crosshair Size
- Draw Resolution
- Draw FPS
- Draw Time
- Draw Watermark
- Draw Health Bar
- Use Panic Key


- 4 Friendly filter slots
- 4 Enemy filter slots


- Customizable Radar position with the mouse
- Customizable Menu position with the mouse


- Customizable Panic Key
- Customizable Menu Key


- Save settings
- Load settings


- VAC3 Undetected

Sunday, October 12, 2014

League of Legends Hack

Do you ever find yourself getting absolutely destroyed in League? Has your team ever been aced? Has another player ever gotten a PENTAKILL against your team? Well, no more! Coming this month, Aimjunkies will be releasing a League of Legends Hack!

Aimjunkies' League of Legends Hack, officially called the Aimjunkies Orbwalker, will insure you never lose another game. The Orbwalker itself has tons of features and settings, all of which are 100% customizable! You can set the Orbwalker to 'Lane Freeze' mode, which would automatically last hit any minions in range of your champion, while ignoring enemy champions. On the contrary, you could set the Orbwalker to 'Carry Mode', which would poke any enemy champions that come into range, while ignoring enemy minions. Alternatively, you could set it to 'Mixed' or 'Push' mode, which are both something in between.

We have received some questions, though, as to which champions this will apply to. We understand that every champion is different. These features I have listed above are just for basic attacks, for use with all champions. One very important, key feature that is already implemented into the hack, is our very own Lua Scripting API. Lua Scripting allows you to write your OWN, CUSTOM features and abilities to whatever champion you want. This is the ultimate customization. If you, like most people, are not skilled with Lua Scripting, there will even be a dedicated section on our forums for sharing Lua Scripting. The possibilities are endless!

With so many possibilities, it would be impossible to type everything that this hack could and can do. Please, visit our forums for more, and all, information regarding the League of Legends Hack, or the Aimjunkies Orbwalker. All features with in-depth explanations will be posted there, as will possible release dates, costs and tutorials. If you have any questions either, just post on our forums, or join us in Teamspeak and we will take care of you.


Game Engine:
- Riot
Game Version:
- Latest Version
- Click here
- Optix

Operating systems:

The League of Legends Hack will be compatible with ALL Windows operating systems. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

- 1 month $ TBD US

Lane freeze mode: automatically last hit any minions, while ignoring enemy champions
Mixed mode: same as lane freeze, but will poke any enemy champions that come in range
Lane clear mode: pushes the lane by last hitting minions but also continuously attacks
Carry mode: used for fights against enemy champions, will auto attack and execute combo on best target(s)
Keys: set different toggle keys for each mode
Customizable: implement your own combo for each champion via Lua scripting
Callbacks: implement your own callbacks for each stage of the orbwalking logic via Lua scripting

Auto ignite: uses ignite on any enemy champions that are low enough to be killed by it
Auto smite: uses smite on jungle monsters, you can filter which ones you want to smite in the menu
Auto heal: uses heal spell when you reach a percentage of health specified in the menu
Auto barrier: uses barrier spell when you reach a percentage of health specified in the menu
Auto clarity: uses clarity spell when you reach a percentage of mana specified in the menu
Auto potions: uses health / mana potions when you reach a percentage of health / mana specified in the menu
Keys: set different toggle keys for ignite and smite

Lua: access to engine API to write custom features via Lua scripting
Manager: ability to manage all your scripts from the menu by seeing what scripts are available, loading new scripts, unloading running scripts, and more
Callbacks: implement an array of callbacks such as OnProcessSpell, OnSendPacket, OnReceivePacket, OnGameUpdate, and more

Upcoming Features
Auto evade: automatically avoid enemy skill shots if possible
Collision: visibility checks for proper skill shot logic and similar things
Awareness: show all enemy champion ranges and cooldowns, warn you when someone is trying to gank, and more

Coming Soon.

Coming Soon.